Sokoninaru‘s sold-out two-man show (with openers Lie and a Chameleon) at Shindaita FEVER was a masterclass in power-rock technique. A sonic feast from start to finish, the group’s live sound is has way more bite than their polished recordings, and the night’s 16 songs hit like a combo of heavyweight punches with only the briefest of MCs scattered across the hour-plus set.

Watching guitarist Juko Suzuki’s nimble finger acrobatics up-close was mesmerizing. There’s such precision and playfulness in his movements across those strings, with perfect counterpart coming in from Misaki Fujiwara’s growling bass. Her signature move — switching from pick to underhand thumb strokes high up on the bass neck — has an afterburner effect in the moments where there’s just nothing but fury coming out of their instruments.

Live Report: