Artist Updates


Press Release: Yousei Teikoku returns to America for A-Kon 27

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE YOUSEI TEIKOKU RETURNS TO AMERICA FOR A-KON 27 Gothic Metal Band Has Performed Themes For Valiant Knights, Future Diary, and Tokyo ESP November 23, 2015 – Japanese...


Press Release: Super Sonico’s Band First Astronomical Velocity Gets International Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Super Sonico’s Band First Astronomical Velocity Gets International Release Headphone-wearing Japanese icon is popular worldwide as star of games, books, figures, and anime November 23, 2015 –...


Press Release: Swinging Popsicle to release new album flow in December

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE J-Pop band Swinging Popsicle has announced the release of their new album flow at the end of this year as part of the band’s 20th Anniversary ....


Reviews: BAND-MAID – New Beginning

“Reminiscent of Wolfmother’s debut CD, this is a band that’s found its sweet spot and is super-clear about what they’re about.” “Vocalist Saiki is killing it on “Arcadia Girl”, probably...


Press Release: URBANGARDE Releases Anti-War Video “Kuchibiru Democracy”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 4, 2015 – Japanese trauma-pop group URBANGARDE has released a provocative new music video for “Kuchibiru Democracy”, the lead song from their upcoming CD Showa 90....


Press Release: SEKAI NO OWARI, SCANDAL, OLDCODEX Wow Fans at TIMM 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEKAI NO OWARI, SCANDAL, OLDCODEX Wow Fans at TIMM 2015 Japanese Pop, Rock, and Anisong Showcase Held at Zepp DiverCity November 1, 2015 — The 12th annual...


Press Release: URBANGARDE frontman Temma Matsunaga takes on God, girls, and city life in first book “Selfie People”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 15, 2015 – Temma Matsunaga, the lead male vocal of Japanese rock band URBANGARDE, has announced the release of his first book Jisatsushatachi (“Selfie People”) on...


Femme Metal Webzine: Interview with Yousei Teikoku (2015)

“The number of humans who, in their heart, genuinely believe in fairies is dwindling. The Empire is faltering and faces destruction.” Link:


Press Release: URBANGARDE announces new album Showa 90 at Utsu Fes concert

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 28, 2015 – Japanese trauma techno-pop band URBANGARDE announced their new album Showa 90 at their concert showcase event on September 5. URBANGARDE hosted UTSU Fes...