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Perfume – Interview: NekoPOP (2019)

NOCCHi, KASHIYUKA, and a-chan talk fashion, technology, and french fries before their first U.S. show in New York on March 30. Every time we work with technology, our performance has...


Press Release: YOSHIKI’s final performance of Anniversary in the Heisei Era

March 20, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE YOSHIKI gave a special performance of his composition “Anniversary” at the “Principal Gala 2019″ presented by the Asami Maki Ballet on March 16 and...


Press Release: BRATS release UNFAIR MV, announce Wake Up Festival in Taiwan

March 18, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Girls rock band BRATS has released their new music video for “UNFAIR”, shot during the band’s first overseas concerts in Korea on January 19...


MUCC – Interview: JRock247 (2019)

MUCC’s Kowareta Piano to Living Dead (Interview and Live Report) …’Psycho’ has this incredible power to make an atmosphere of horror when it’s played as the first song of the...


ASTERISM – Interview: JRock247 (2019)

ASTERISM English interview before SXSW 2019 and USA tour in Texas and L.A. “We can go straight to your emotions and create a whole new world in your mind. That’s...


Press Release: YOSHIKI goes to Carnegie Hall on PBS – new TV special premieres March 8

March 2, 2019 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York’s PBS television station WNET THIRTEEN will premiere a special one-hour version of “YOSHIKI – Live at Carnegie Hall” on Friday, March 8,...


MIYAVI – Live Report: Samurai Sessions Vol. 3 at El Rey (2019)

MIYAVI celebrated the release of his SAMURAI SESSIONS Vol. 3 – Worlds Collide album at a special show on Saturday, February 23, at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles....


Press Release: YOSHIKI makes guest appearance at Radio City Music Hall with Sarah Brightman

February 18, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE YOSHIKI joined Sarah Brightman on Wednesday, February 6, at Radio City Music Hall for Brightman’s 2019 HYMN world tour. YOSHIKI and Brightman’s emotional delivery...


TRUE – Interview: My Anime List (2019)

Even though the lyrics may sound different and we all speak different languages, the attitude of trying to learn what we don’t know cultivates new pathways for us. This is...


Hironobu Kageyama – Interview: JaME (2019)

When I’m singing live, that’s the most fun time in my life. That’s why I’ve been able to come this far. These days, we make our own songs. When I...


nano – Interview: Anime News Network (2019)

Before I made my debut, it was just me experimenting with myself and not knowing whether I had a future in music or not. It was just me chasing after...


Konomi Suzuki – Interview: Manga Tokyo (2019)

“I am so filled with joy and happiness to have been able to perform the role of Rin in LOST SONG. It was much more difficult than I expected, especially...


Press Release: Budo Grape vocalist Quminco guest stars on NHK’s “Tokusatsu Gagaga”

February 3, 2019 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Photo by Kenji Suzuki) Budo Grape vocalist Quminco adds another star to her career with her recent acting role in the new NHK comedy...


Luna Haruna – Interview: Manga Tokyo (2019)

I’ve been fortunate enough to perform in many countries, and I’ve come to realize the impact of anisong. When I do concerts and perform anisong, a lot of people sing...


Hiroshi Kitadani – Interview: JaME (2019)

The most important thing on my mind is thinking about how I can communicate the world of the anime. I’m not trying to be like an instruction manual for the...


Press Release: Wasuta celebrates third year performance at Japan Expo Thailand 2019

February 1, 2019 “Idol Time PriPara”, ” Kiratto Pri☆chan” anime theme singers continue international expansion FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wasuta celebrates third year performance at Japan Expo Thailand 2019 Japanese idol...


Morning Musume ’18 – Interview: Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi (2019)

Kaede Kaga: I think the reason that people from all around the world have loved this group for twenty years is because of the effort of all the performers who...


TRUE – Interview: NekoPOP (2019)

I’ve been holding a microphone for more than 15 years, and the one thing I’ve never given up on is singing. But to tell the truth, I didn’t start off...

RMMS-Konomi Suzuki-Arama-Japan-interview-2019-A

Konomi Suzuki – Interview: Arama Japan (2019)

Now I’m able to express my feelings more freely and show my true self without holding back. I’ve always had fun performing live, but the ability to fully be myself...


Shoko Nakagawa – Interview: NekoPOP (2019)

Shoko Nakagawa: I was actually still writing the “blue moon” lyrics on the airplane on the way to Los Angeles, and it had been 10 years since I had performed...


Naoki Urasawa – Interview: NekoPOP (2019)

Urasawa: When someone mentions the world “manga”, I think the first impression most people have is like what they think when they see the “smiley-face” on the Nirvana T-shirt you’re...


PassCode 2016-2018 LIVE UNLIMITED PREMIUM BOX (Review)

The PassCode 2016-2018 LIVE UNLIMITED PREMIUM BOX Blu-ray set is a remarkable historical journey through the group’s recent evolution. Beautifully shot and edited, and presenting each concert uncut for the...

Press Release: YOSHIKI to create theme song for new xXx 4 film starring Vin Diesel

X JAPAN leader will create music for action film xXx 4 and animated feature Spycies January 21, 2019 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Photo credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images The H Collective has...


nano – Interview: JRock News (2019)

When I first made my debut, I was more focused on looking into the American aspect of myself. Because I was living in Japan, I wanted to re-connect to that...