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VKH Press: Interview with BAND-MAID (2016)

VKH: What does it mean to you to be female musicians playing in a style that most people might assume would be played by men? Akane: When people just listen...


Reviews: exist†trace – THIS IS NOW

“BLAST” is one of Jyou’s finest and most passionate performances, and miko loads the lyrics of “THIS IS NOW” with potent, emotional imagery. JRock247: “The mini-album’s title track ‘THIS...


Press Release: BESPA KUMAMERO Releases 15th Anniversary Single

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 18, 2016 — J-Pop electronic dance duo BESPA KUMAMERO has released a new single in commemoration of their 15th anniversary. “Tell Me” was produced in the...


Press Release: URBANGARDE Merges Space Travel, Marriage, and Murder in “Femme Fata Fantasy” MV

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 12, 2016 — Japanese trauma techno-pop band URBANGARDE takes fans on a mind-bending trip in their new music video “Femme Fata Fantasy,” from their live-show limited...


Press Release: YANAKIKU Debuts New Costumes with Cyntia, LUI FRONTiC Akabane Japan, and Hatsune with BAYBAND

YANAKIKU debuts new costumes at Tokyo live show Japanese designer Nobuko Ariga (“NOBU”) combines contemporary and traditional Japanese fashion for strong, feminine image FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 7, 2016 —...


Press Release: Budo Grape Celebrates Drummer in 5th Set of Digital Singles, Announces 3rd UK Tour

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 5, 2015 — Japanese new wave band rock Budo Grape has released their 5th set of digital singles worldwide on iTunes, featuring a contrast of melancholy...


Femme Metal Webzine – URBANGARDE Interview (2016)

“Showa 90 is parallel to modern Japan. This is a war time and people are hiding their voice like ghosts.” Link:


Press Release: BAND-MAID Previews New Album at Sakura-Con 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2016 — BAND-MAID rocked an audience of over 2500 music fans at Sakura-Con in Seattle last Easter weekend. The long-running Japanese culture event hosted the...


exist†trace – JAPAKO magazine interview & cover (2016)

exist†trace is on the cover of JAPAKO MUSIC #4 in Europe + 6 pages of photos & interviews. Publication date: April 2016 Link:


KOMO News (Seattle, ABC network) – BAND-MAID Feature

Japanese Rockers BAND-MAID Play First-Ever U.S. Show in Seattle BAND MAID is an all female rock band from Japan who played their first ever US show this weekend at Sakura-con...


Press Release: URBANGARDE Announces Solo Projects and Live-Limited Album

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 23, 2016 — Riding on the momentum from their latest album Showa 90, Japanese trauma-techno-pop band URBANGARDE has announced a series of new projects for 2016....


NW Asian Weekly (Seattle) – BAND-MAID Interview (2016)

“At first, we were more like a pop-rock music group,” said Kobato. “But when we recorded the song ‘Thrill’ from our first album, which is more like hard rock, we...