VKH Press: Interview with BAND-MAID (2016)

VKH: What does it mean to you to be female musicians playing in a style that most people might assume would be played by men? Akane: When people just listen...


Femme Metal Webzine – URBANGARDE Interview (2016)

“Showa 90 is parallel to modern Japan. This is a war time and people are hiding their voice like ghosts.” Link:


exist†trace – JAPAKO magazine interview & cover (2016)

exist†trace is on the cover of JAPAKO MUSIC #4 in Europe + 6 pages of photos & interviews. Publication date: April 2016 Link:


NW Asian Weekly (Seattle) – BAND-MAID Interview (2016)

“At first, we were more like a pop-rock music group,” said Kobato. “But when we recorded the song ‘Thrill’ from our first album, which is more like hard rock, we...


Soy Source (Seattle) – Interview with BAND-MAID (2016)

(Japanese only) Link:


Colectivo Bunka: Interview with Swinging Popsicle (2016)

Swinging Popsicle interview in English & Spanish on Colectivo Bunka: “Overseas fans are used to expressing their passion honestly. They enjoy the moment 100%, much differently than Japanese people, so...


Otaku USA: Interview with URBANGARDE (2016)

“The basic idea of the ‘Kuchibiru Democracy’ PV, with the fascist uniforms, was inspired by the Charlie Chaplin movie, The Great Dictator, which criticized fascism and the mood of the...


Nippon Project: Interview with URBANGARDE (2016)

“URBANGARDE might not seem like so-called pop culture type of music of Japan, but we do sing about topics that popular music doesn’t sing about, such as negative parts of...


Selective Hearing: Interview with URBANGARDE (2016)

“I think that pop is like a poison candy, giving you something bitter with a smooth and very sweet taste. As Andy Warhol said, pop is not just sweetness. Something...


Selective Hearing: Interview with Swinging Popsicle (2015)

“This year is the 20th anniversary of forming the band. We got together, thinking ‘There’s no way to let this opportunity go!'” Link:


Femme Metal Webzine: Interview with Band-Maid (2015)

“After we released the song ‘Thrill’, we got a clear vision for the direction and music we want to achieve, so the songs have become even harder.” Link:


JaME: Interview with BAND-MAID (2015)

“We wear cute maid costumes, but there’s more than cuteness to BAND-MAID. Please come to the service, listen to our performance, and experience it. Then you’ll understand the extreme gap...