Femme Metal Webzine: Interview with Yousei Teikoku (2015)

“The number of humans who, in their heart, genuinely believe in fairies is dwindling. The Empire is faltering and faces destruction.” Link:


JRock247: Interview with URBANGARDE (2015)

“URBANGARDE itself is a piece of art. It’s all together for us. It’s one package. The music videos, the CDs, the live shows, it’s all built to go together, like...


JaME: Interview with YOUSEI TEIKOKU (2015)

“With no limitations as to theme or song length, we were able to more freely experiment with certain things we wanted to try ourselves.” Link:


Rocket News 24: Interview with URBANGARDE (2015)

“I think artists should be hustlers,” Temma explains. “I think artists should lie.”


fafafoom: Interview with YANAKIKU (2015)

“For us, kimono cosplay is like a battle uniform. When we wear them, we are ready to perform as Yanakiku. The kimono costumes also evoke a strong feeling and impact...


NekoPOP – Interview with Ossan (2015)

“In Japan, the guy who rubs my head gets a nice car and nice girlfriend, a fancy life. Or usually people say I have an ordinary life, but that is...


Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi: Interview with Ossan (2015)


Selective Hearing: Interview with Kanako Ito (2015)

“I try to make the lyrics meaningful for the people who don’t know the game or anime, and but for those who know the work, I want the lyrics to...


Huffington Post: Interview with VAMPS (2015)

“It’s like cigarettes and alcohol. As a kid you fantasize about them because you’re not supposed to go near them. I don’t want to be a band that forgets all...