Manga.Tokyo: Interview with Minori Chihara (2017)

Minori: I’m overjoyed when audiences sing along in Japanese at my concerts. Some of the audience members even ask me to speak in Japanese. Learning Japanese isn’t easy, so I...


MyAnimeList: Interview with Yousei Teikoku (2017)

Empress Yui: Rather than conveying the mythology of a single particular world, my intention is to convey various different worldviews from a variety of angles. However, the mythologies of various...


Manga.Tokyo: Interview with Yousei Teikoku (2017)

Empress Yui: When I write lyrics, I turn the lights off and make the room totally dark. I burn a candle and watch its flame sway. I write words that...


JaME: Interview with BRATS (2017)

Aya: During the break from live performances, I kept dreaming about performing again, and hoping that day would come soon. When the comeback live was decided, I was nervous, like...


Arama Japan: Interview with BRATS (2017)

What message do you want to convey through your music? Rei: I feel that our music says, “Look, this is the reality for current teenage girls.” Link:


NekoPOP: Interview with BRATS (2017)

What do you get to express in BRATS that you can’t express anywhere else? Rei: Other projects have concepts to start with, and there are commitments and limitations, but I...


VKH Press: Interview with exist†trace (2017)

Jyou: “I believe magic exists. The power of a person to make others happy must be magic.” Link:


JaME: Interview with exist†trace (2017)

Omi: “I made ‘Yoake no Hikari’ because I wanted to express my current feelings. However difficult the reality is or however deep the darkness is, the suffering or the wall...


JRock247: Interview with exist†trace (2017)

What’s the theme at the center of Royal Straight Magic? miko: “The title comes from a ‘royal straight’ in poker, and the feeling that happens when you draw that hand....


MyM Buzz Interview with Budo Grape (2017)

Budo Grape interview in MYM Magazine – January 2017


MyM Buzz: Interview with Budo Grape (2016)

What gives you inspiration when you’re writing new songs? Nagai: “Unexpected things become inspiration, like a conversation with someone, words I hear on TV, a novel I’m reading or a...


Kakkoii Club: Interview with Budo Grape (2016)

What part of British culture caught you most by surprise? Quminco Grape: The big difference in expression of UK people, before and after they hear music. Their hugs when they...


JaME: Interview with Yoko Hamasaki (URBANGARDE) (2016)

The concept of your new solo album, Blue Forest, revolves around the themes of ‘blue’ and ‘love.’ What kind of message do you want to deliver to listeners through these...


JaME: Interview with Da-iCE (2016)

Performing at the Nippon Budokan has been a long-term goal for you and you will finally get the chance to perform there on January 1st next year. What kind of...


JaME: Interview with Yousei Teikoku (2016)

What is the concept behind the composition of DISORDER? Takaha: The composition was, of course, based on the anime and our own outlook. In previous albums, we’ve made some very...


fafafoom: Interview with YANAKIKU (2016)

Fafafoom: What do you think is the biggest challenge of getting new fans and supports for YANAKIKU? Kiku: While performing is a great boost to get new fans, it’s hard...


Nippon Project: Interview with Swinging Popsicle (2016)

How did you come up with the band name “Swinging Popsicle”? Shimada: We were playing pop music so I wanted to have the word “pops” in the name like “popsicle”....


VKH Press: Interview with BAND-MAID (2016)

VKH: What does it mean to you to be female musicians playing in a style that most people might assume would be played by men? Akane: When people just listen...


Femme Metal Webzine – URBANGARDE Interview (2016)

“Showa 90 is parallel to modern Japan. This is a war time and people are hiding their voice like ghosts.” Link:


exist†trace – JAPAKO magazine interview & cover (2016)

exist†trace is on the cover of JAPAKO MUSIC #4 in Europe + 6 pages of photos & interviews. Publication date: April 2016 Link: Japako Store


NW Asian Weekly (Seattle) – BAND-MAID Interview (2016)

“At first, we were more like a pop-rock music group,” said Kobato. “But when we recorded the song ‘Thrill’ from our first album, which is more like hard rock, we...


Soy Source (Seattle) – Interview with BAND-MAID (2016)

(Japanese only) Link:


Colectivo Bunka: Interview with Swinging Popsicle (2016)

Swinging Popsicle interview in English & Spanish on Colectivo Bunka: “Overseas fans are used to expressing their passion honestly. They enjoy the moment 100%, much differently than Japanese people, so...


Otaku USA: Interview with URBANGARDE (2016)

“The basic idea of the ‘Kuchibiru Democracy’ PV, with the fascist uniforms, was inspired by the Charlie Chaplin movie, The Great Dictator, which criticized fascism and the mood of the...