Japanese Station: Interview with maidreamin Peace (2017)

Peace: At maidreamin, you enter a world with an atmosphere that only our maids can create, and together we travel to a dreamland that’s unique for each or our masters...


Arama Japan: Interview with SILENT SIREN (2017)

Hinanchu (drums): The responses overseas are always different, and I’m surprised every time. We could be playing the same song in two different places and get completely opposite reactions! And...


JaME: Interview with SILENT SIREN (2017)

Suu: I wrote JUST MEET while watching a high school baseball game. I love high school baseball and always wanted to write a song that captured the feeling I get...


JRock247: Interview with Yoko Hamasaki (2017)

Yoko Hamasaki: “In URBANGARDE, my point of view comes from a character, it’s fiction. But in ‘Blue Forest’, I wrote about myself. Yoko Hamasaki is a real woman, and I...


JaME: Interview with Mashiro Ayano (2017)

Mashiro Ayano: There is this this thrilling feeling of, “No one can tell what’s going to happen at a live show.” and I always try to sing and express the...


JaME: Interview with FLOW (2017)

KEIGO: Because “GO!!” is the song we’ve performed most during our history, and it’s the song that marks the beginning of our history with anime, it helped us to grow...


MyAnimeList: Interview with JAM Project (2017)

Hironobu Kageyama: Since JAM Project began, we’ve seen more people say they want to become anisong singers. The Animelo Summer Live has become bigger and more popular as more anisong...


JaME: Interview with GARNiDELiA (2017)

toku: Our greatest desire is to have as many people listen to our music as possible. That’s a wish that’s never going to change. Link:


Anime News Network: Interview with Junna and Minori Suzuki from Walkure (2017)

Minori: I was a big fan of Macross Frontier, since primary school. I had a dream, “I want to sing like the two princesses from Macross Frontier.” When I was...


Anime News Network: Interview with The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls (2017)

Iida: I have no problem performing on stage, even during exciting moments. I have no problem staying cool and composed, but when it comes to recording CDs, I sometimes get...


Tokyo Otaku Mode: Interview with Aqours Aina Suzuki (2017)

Aina: This will actually be my first time in America, so just having the opportunity to go there is so exciting. But I’m also an anime fan, so I’m looking...


MyAnimeList: Interview with Wake Up, Girls! (2017)

Mayu Yoshioka: I personally enjoy being able to stand on a stage, and I’ve had the opportunity to take part in several stage productions in the past. But when it...


JaME: Interview with ALI PROJECT (2017)

Arika: Since we were lucky enough to be involved with some excellent anime series, we had many people listening to us, and because of this we became known not only...


JaME: Interview with GARNiDELiA (2017)

MARiA: The theme of “SPEED STAR” [theme song for the movie “The Irregular at Magic High School”] is to keep my faith no matter what others say about it. I...


Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi: Interview with Mashiro Ayano (2017)

Mashiro: When I feel down or have trouble getting along with others, music has supported me as one of my communication tools, so it was very natural for me to...


NekoPOP: Interview with Konomi Suzuki (2017)

Konomi: It’s really interesting to express emotions other than my own, singing with the world view of a particular anime and the emotions of those characters. Anime brings me to...


Manga.Tokyo: Interview with Minori Chihara (2017)

Minori: I’m overjoyed when audiences sing along in Japanese at my concerts. Some of the audience members even ask me to speak in Japanese. Learning Japanese isn’t easy, so I...


MyAnimeList: Interview with Yousei Teikoku (2017)

Empress Yui: Rather than conveying the mythology of a single particular world, my intention is to convey various different worldviews from a variety of angles. However, the mythologies of various...


Manga.Tokyo: Interview with Yousei Teikoku (2017)

Empress Yui: When I write lyrics, I turn the lights off and make the room totally dark. I burn a candle and watch its flame sway. I write words that...


JaME: Interview with BRATS (2017)

Aya: During the break from live performances, I kept dreaming about performing again, and hoping that day would come soon. When the comeback live was decided, I was nervous, like...


Arama Japan: Interview with BRATS (2017)

What message do you want to convey through your music? Rei: I feel that our music says, “Look, this is the reality for current teenage girls.” Link:


NekoPOP: Interview with BRATS (2017)

What do you get to express in BRATS that you can’t express anywhere else? Rei: Other projects have concepts to start with, and there are commitments and limitations, but I...


VKH Press: Interview with exist†trace (2017)

Jyou: “I believe magic exists. The power of a person to make others happy must be magic.” Link:


JaME: Interview with exist†trace (2017)

Omi: “I made ‘Yoake no Hikari’ because I wanted to express my current feelings. However difficult the reality is or however deep the darkness is, the suffering or the wall...