Selective Hearing: Interview with Kamen Joshi’s Moa Tsukino (2018)

Moa: The way I see it, it’s like we experience a total energy exchange with the audience. It’s a special, extraordinary moment together. In our music videos, we have a...


Arama Japan: Interview with Kamen Joshi’s Nanaka Kawamura (2018)

Nanaka: When I first saw the female fighters in the ring at Deep Jewels, they were powerful just like men and awe-inspiring. I said to myself, “Is there anyone who...


Honey’s Anime: Interview with maidreamin Mariru (2018)

Mariru: Akihabara is full of professional people who really put all of themselves into what they love. That’s a happy spirit that you can find everywhere in Akihabara — that...


BRATS – Video Message (2018)

BRATS Video Message for 2018


NekoPOP: Interview with Kikuna Mishima (2017)

Kikuna Mishima’s bold photographic work centers on feminine identity, uniquely expressed through carefully designed, abstract yet delicate imagery. After completing her latest exhibit in Tokyo, Mishima breaks down her inspirations,...


Japanese Station: Interview with maidreamin Peace (2017)

Peace: At maidreamin, you enter a world with an atmosphere that only our maids can create, and together we travel to a dreamland that’s unique for each or our masters...


Arama Japan: Interview with SILENT SIREN (2017)

Hinanchu (drums): The responses overseas are always different, and I’m surprised every time. We could be playing the same song in two different places and get completely opposite reactions! And...


JaME: Interview with SILENT SIREN (2017)

Suu: I wrote JUST MEET while watching a high school baseball game. I love high school baseball and always wanted to write a song that captured the feeling I get...


JRock247: Interview with Yoko Hamasaki (2017)

Yoko Hamasaki: “In URBANGARDE, my point of view comes from a character, it’s fiction. But in ‘Blue Forest’, I wrote about myself. Yoko Hamasaki is a real woman, and I...


JaME: Interview with Mashiro Ayano (2017)

Mashiro Ayano: There is this this thrilling feeling of, “No one can tell what’s going to happen at a live show.” and I always try to sing and express the...


JaME: Interview with FLOW (2017)

KEIGO: Because “GO!!” is the song we’ve performed most during our history, and it’s the song that marks the beginning of our history with anime, it helped us to grow...


MyAnimeList: Interview with JAM Project (2017)

Hironobu Kageyama: Since JAM Project began, we’ve seen more people say they want to become anisong singers. The Animelo Summer Live has become bigger and more popular as more anisong...


JaME: Interview with GARNiDELiA (2017)

toku: Our greatest desire is to have as many people listen to our music as possible. That’s a wish that’s never going to change. Link:


Anime News Network: Interview with Junna and Minori Suzuki from Walkure (2017)

Minori: I was a big fan of Macross Frontier, since primary school. I had a dream, “I want to sing like the two princesses from Macross Frontier.” When I was...


Anime News Network: Interview with The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls (2017)

Iida: I have no problem performing on stage, even during exciting moments. I have no problem staying cool and composed, but when it comes to recording CDs, I sometimes get...


Tokyo Otaku Mode: Interview with Aqours Aina Suzuki (2017)

Aina: This will actually be my first time in America, so just having the opportunity to go there is so exciting. But I’m also an anime fan, so I’m looking...


MyAnimeList: Interview with Wake Up, Girls! (2017)

Mayu Yoshioka: I personally enjoy being able to stand on a stage, and I’ve had the opportunity to take part in several stage productions in the past. But when it...


JaME: Interview with ALI PROJECT (2017)

Arika: Since we were lucky enough to be involved with some excellent anime series, we had many people listening to us, and because of this we became known not only...


JaME: Interview with GARNiDELiA (2017)

MARiA: The theme of “SPEED STAR” [theme song for the movie “The Irregular at Magic High School”] is to keep my faith no matter what others say about it. I...


Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi: Interview with Mashiro Ayano (2017)

Mashiro: When I feel down or have trouble getting along with others, music has supported me as one of my communication tools, so it was very natural for me to...


NekoPOP: Interview with Konomi Suzuki (2017)

Konomi: It’s really interesting to express emotions other than my own, singing with the world view of a particular anime and the emotions of those characters. Anime brings me to...


Manga.Tokyo: Interview with Minori Chihara (2017)

Minori: I’m overjoyed when audiences sing along in Japanese at my concerts. Some of the audience members even ask me to speak in Japanese. Learning Japanese isn’t easy, so I...


MyAnimeList: Interview with Yousei Teikoku (2017)

Empress Yui: Rather than conveying the mythology of a single particular world, my intention is to convey various different worldviews from a variety of angles. However, the mythologies of various...


Manga.Tokyo: Interview with Yousei Teikoku (2017)

Empress Yui: When I write lyrics, I turn the lights off and make the room totally dark. I burn a candle and watch its flame sway. I write words that...