Wasuta Announces New EP The Legend of Wasuta
Idol Group Battles to “Save Kawaii” in New RPG-Themed Music Video “Mera Nyaizer!!!!!”

June 17, 2019

Japanese idol group Wasuta (“The World Standard”) has released their latest music video, the RPG-themed “Mera Nyaizer!!!!!~kimi ni a ge u~”.

Hazuki, Nanase, Miri, Ririka, and Ruka display their fighting skills and battle monsters in the action-packed sequel to Wasuta’s special series of “game world” videos, following “Ultra Miracle-cle Final Ultimate Choco Beam” and “Kurae! Hissatsu! Neko Punch☆ ~Watashitachi Tatakau Nyakotan [Level 5]★〜“.

Wasuta – “Mera Nyaizer!!!!!~kimi ni a ge u~” (MV)

“Mera Nyaizer!!!!!” is the lead track from the group’s upcoming EP, The Legend of Wasuta, set for release June 26. The EP continues the video game theme and leads into Wasuta’s “Kawaii Quest” live concert series, where the members go on a quest to “save kawaii” and the audience influences the storyline in different directions each night.

Wasuta – “Kawaii Quest” Live (trailer)

Wasuta member Miri Matsuda has earned a great reputation among fans as an avid gamer. Her love of the game Splatoon 2 led to the creation of the song “Dedesupabon” (produced by mikitoP) and she recently launched her own YouTube channel to live stream her activities.

“I’ve enjoyed playing video games with my brother ever since I was little,” Miri said, “and it’s fun for me because I’m naturally competitive. I like to focus on something and win! The more I get to play games, the more I improve my skills, so once I’m addicted, I play a lot.

“Our new live concept ‘Kawaii Quest’ is something we’ve never done before,” she continued. “It’s based on our new mini-album The Legend of Wasuta, and it’s so exciting to be a character in a game. Because it’s interactive, the storyline is decided each night, so we never know how the show will end! it’s something I’ve never seen an idol group do before, so we’re really looking forward to sharing these fun moments with our fans.”

Wasuta (“The World Standard”)
The Legend of Wasuta
– Track List –
1. Yurupureiru
2. Unbalanced Answers
3. Dare mo warukunai
4. Oyasumi
5. Mera Nyaizer!!!!!~kimi ni a ge u ♪~
6. Yurupureiru (Instrumental)
7. Unbalanced Answers (Instrumental)
8. Dare mo warukunai (Instrumental)
9. Oyasumi (Instrumental)
10. Mera Nyaizer!!!!!~kimi ni a ge u ♪~ (Instrumental)

Blu-ray (Limited Edition)
1. Mera Nyaizer!!!!!~kimi ni a ge u ♪~ (Music Video)

The World Standard a.k.a “Wasuta” was formed in March 2015 with the mission of introducing KAWAII Japanese idol culture worldwide via social media and live showcases. The five members of Wasuta are Hazuki, Nanase, Miri, Ririka, and Ruka.

Wasuta’s third full album CAT’CH THE WORLD included the Kiratto Pri☆chan anime ED “Girls Be Ambitious”, last summer’s hot track “Tapioca Milk Tea”, and the Splatoon-inspired “DEDE Super Bomb!” (produced by mikitoP). Wasuta’s other anime songs include themes for Idol Time PriPara, Heybot!, and the official dance song for The Powerpuff Girls animated series in Japan.

Wasuta has been active worldwide in Asia, Europe, and North America, including Japan Expo Paris 2017, Japan Weekend Madrid 2018, Japan Expo Thailand 2017, 2018, 2019, Kizuna 2018 in Vietnam, @JAMxTALE 2019 in Hong Kong, and Anime North 2019 in Canada. In summer 2018, they collaborated with Adexe & Nau on a Japanese/Spanish remix of the single “Yo Quiero Vivir,” which has scored over 2.9 million views on YouTube.

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