May 22, 2024

Japanese instrumental metal band ASTERISM and manga artist Acky Bright have joined forces to bring fans to PLANET OF METAL.

The new concept album — released on May 22 — is a collaboration born from the artists’ friendship which began at last year’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles. The result is a blistering 7-song album which takes fans on a journey through a fantasy world that only ASTERISM and Acky Bright could create.

After meeting last year in L.A., the artists were determined to find a way to combine their unique approaches and immediately started talking about ideas. Bright created the concept and characters to match the young band’s limitless energy and aggressive musical style.

Inspired by the visual designs, ASTERISM created seven heavy metal tracks to bring the story to life through music. Finally, Bright used the raw power of these songs to create the album jacket and a 28-page book of dazzling artwork to complete the multi-sensory experience of PLANET OF METAL.

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PLANET OF METAL is an unprecedented project that uses both music and art to create a story where you fight six enemies! We took on the challenge of composing each song with the feeling of defeating each enemy, but as we approached the final boss, the hurdles to composing the songs rose, and we truly became the characters created by Acky. Please enjoy the unique collaboration between ASTERISM and Acky Bright!”

Acky Bright:
“This album was created through a session format in which music and art are created simultaneously. It was a very exciting time to collaborate with the overwhelming talent of ASTERISM. As a result, we’ve created a large-scale work that represents our visions as artists who are active on the world stage, At the same time, it’s become a metaphor for us as we continue to challenge the world.”

In PLANET OF METAL, at the edge of the galaxy, a horrific curse spreads across the planet, causing creatures to become violent. ASTERISM journeys to find the mysterious mechanical skull at the source of the curse, aided by Zom-chan, a zombie-like companion with a dark secret. ASTERISM battles the forces controlled by the Mecha-Skull — ninjas, a giant squid, an army of zombies, and a giant metal dragon — before their final, epic battle to restore the soul of metal.

The album’s track list chronicles these chapters to lead listeners through the story.
1. Planet of Metal
2. The Dragon
3. The Ninja
4. The Squid
5. The Zombie
6. The Robot
7. The Titan

Asterism Acky Bright Planet of Metal

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PLANET OF METAL – Deluxe Artbook Edition
Release date: June 26, 2024
7-song CD with songs by ASTERISM
28-page book with illustrations drawn by Acky Bright (A4 size)
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In addition, a series of limited-edition goods featuring this project will be produced. The first two items are a T-shirt featuring the Mecha-Skull, a key character of the story, and the sticker set, including the exclusive project logo, cover art, etc. Both are available in limited quantities at ASTERISM’s performance at FOX_FEST in Japan on May 25. These items will also be available for overseas fans via the special website:

ASTERISM and Acky Bright will team up to promote PLANET OF METAL (“POM”) with a weekly Instagram live show co-hosted by Bright and band guitarist/vocalist HAL-CA . The “POM POM PLAY” live show will feature music performances and live drawing sessions with English translation for international fans.


Acky Bright

In addition, a series of song clips with visuals from the art book will be released weekly on social media, leading up to the music video premiere of “The Titan” on July 3 on ASTERISM’s YouTube Channel.


ASTERISM is a three-piece instrumental heavy metal band consisting of HAL-CA (Gt.), MIYU (Ba.), and MIO (Dr.), who have all performed music since childhood. The three met at a musical competition in 2014 and formed the band as teenagers, receiving praise for their advanced technical skill and passionate onstage performance.

“ASTERISM” means “a group of stars”, and the three musicians want to express their music as one, becoming a band of shining stars.

Championed early in their career by noteworthy musicians such as famed producer and songwriter Bootsy Collins, ASTERISM has completed multiple tours of Japan, Asia, and the U.S., including performances at SXSW Music Festival, Taihu Midi Festival, and Knotfest Japan.

In March 2023, they made their major debut with SME Records. In 2024, the band will tour North America, Europe, and South Asia.

ASTERISM aims for further global expansion with a new genre “MASS METAL” which means “a metal that reaches, resonates, and is loved by the masses”, based on their meticulously composed music and their unique pop sensibilities.

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Acky Bright is a highly acclaimed manga artist and illustrator, renowned for his captivating “kawakakkoii” style drawings that pay homage to the golden age of Japanese manga and anime.

With an impressive portfolio spanning both domestic and international projects, Acky has left an indelible mark on the industry. Collaborating with esteemed Japanese media companies, he has crafted mesmerizing manga and character designs. Notably, since 2020, he has also lent his exceptional talents to renowned American companies such as DC Comics and Hasbro. His highly anticipated comic book KNIGHT TERRORS: ANGEL BREAKER was released in 2023 from DC Comics.

In 2021, Acky embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with BMW of Germany, where he conceptualized and brought to life a manga series inspired by a real-life esports professional team. The following year, his artistic prowess shone through in his meticulous character designs and artwork for the Japanese adaptation of the immensely popular German novel WOOD WALKERS. Additionally, Acky’s creative endeavors extended to the realm of art toys, collaborating with esteemed Chinese company 52TOYS.

Demonstrating his versatility as an artist, Acky has mastered the art of live drawing, enchanting audiences worldwide with his awe-inspiring performances on large canvases. From Tokyo to Los Angeles and New York, his captivating live drawing exhibitions have mesmerized fans. Building on his immense popularity, Acky has been honored as a Guest of Honor at Anime Expo 2023, where he captivated attendees with his remarkable live drawing performance.

Furthermore, Acky’s art book “B/W” (PIE International) was released to widespread acclaim last year and continues to captivate art enthusiasts in Japan. Building on its resounding success, the book is now poised to captivate a global audience. It made its much-anticipated worldwide debut in 2023 in Asia. Europe, and the United States.

In addition to his extraordinary achievements, Acky was entrusted with the remarkable task of creating the official coloring book for NETFLIX’s sensational Korean drama Squid Game (Penguin Random House).

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Art by Acky Bright
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