October 2, 2022

Japanese girls rock band BRATS drops a serious note in their new song “Spiderweb’, commenting on the trap of getting tangled up in social media feuds.

Whole lotta words
The smoke of “resba” wraps around my limbs
As my armor of logic disintegrates

* “Resba” is Japanese internet slang that means arguing with others on social media.

Lead singer Rei Kuromiya explains, “Up until now, our BRATS sound has been rooted in a traditional style of rock. For this new single, we wanted to go for a heavy digital approach to match the song’s message about life on the internet.”

Her sister, bass player Aya, added, “And at the same time, we wanted to stay true to the dark and heavy viewpoint of BRATS. Since the lyrics are so specific to “digital life”, we felt like shooting the video on a digital video stage completely immersed us in that world.”

Rei makes a point about BRATS’s new direction: “At the end of the music video, I was particular about using our past BRATS music videos as flashbacks. I want viewers to feel like BRATS is entering a brand new chapter of our journey.”

The music video was produced at Tokyo’s ultra-modern studio “BLACK BOX³”, which houses cutting-edge technology and massive LED screens. To honor the fans who supported crowdfunding of the new music video, the names of the project backers are listed in the video credits.

To commemorate the new song, BRATS will hold their second live show of the year at Shibuya Spotify O-WEST on Saturday, October 8, featuring new arrangements of previous hits like “Forget me not”, “Ms. Downer”, and “Dodatte Yokatta”.

Saturday, October 8, 2022
Spotify O-WEST, Shibuya, Tokyo
Open 17:30 / Start 18:00

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