July 5, 2019

URBANGARDE lead vocalist Yoko Hamasaki has released a remastered version of her first album Film noir (2010), now titled Film noir ultime. The album contains 3 new tracks, including the new song “FORGIVE ME”, which returns Hamasaki to the smooth synth-pop style of her 2016 album Blue Forest.

Yoko Hamasaki – “FORGIVE ME” MV(from film noir ultime
Music and lyrics by Yoko Hamasaki / Arrangement by Yoko Hamasaki and Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin

Film noir ultime‘s release comes at the same time as the CD release of her third album, BLIND LOVE, produced by renowned Japanese city-pop pioneer Toshiki Kadomatsu. BLIND LOVE‘s lead track, “BIBLE”, uses unapologetically sensual lyrics to describe an awakening of the senses spawned by a sudden, intense relationship.

“Working with Toshiki Kadomatsu allowed me to bring my music and my singing technique to a higher level,” Hamasaki said. “He had so many innovative ideas, and when I listened to the final version of the album, I was so happy to see how it all came together. I put my trust in him completely, and I feel like I discovered a new part of myself making this album.”

Hamasaki performed a special one-man live show on July 4 at Mt. Rainier Hall to celebrate the dual releases, accompanied by a full band. She will begin her solo tour “Before Dawn” on July 10 in Shibuya.

BLIND LOVE represents my true feelings about who I am now, in the present. I can’t be sure what styles or collaborators will emerge in the next part of my journey, but it’s my goal now to perform BLIND LOVE in a way that shows everyone who I am at the moment. If I can make a true connection with the audience and touch them with my feelings, then I can use that power to even surpass this work in the future.”

Yoko Hamasaki – “BIBLE” MV(from BLIND LOVE
Music and lyrics by Yoko Hamasaki / Arrangement by Toshiki Kadomatsu

Hamasaki and URBANGARDE have just announced their upcoming tour of Japan, “REIWA REIJI 0=0=0=0” (“Reiwa Zero O’clock”), beginning in October. In addition, Hamasaki recently launched her fashion brand FORGIVE ME with a pop-up shop in Harajuku Laforet, featuring clothing, jewelry, and high-quality accessories.

“I created the concept of ‘FORGIVE ME’ to showcase my favorite things, regardless of how others might feel about them. I want to accept them as they are, important to me.” The theme of Hamasaki’s first collection is “confession”, stemming from the performer’s desire to “embrace my own black history”.

FORGIVE ME by Yoko Hamasaki

BLIND LOVE – rel. 6/19/2019 (digital) 7/3/2019 (CD)
Label: Universal Music Japan
3rd album – produced by Toshiki Kadomatsu
Track List
1. Fumin
3. Shinjuku san-chome
4. Haru no Kyousei Fuan
6. Kore wa Namida Janai

Film noir ultime – rel. 7/3/2019 (digital and CD)
Label: Fabtone
Remastered 1st album (film noir originally released 2010)
Track List
1. Jukai no kuni no Alice
2. Kuraku Naru Made Matte
3. Inshouha
4. Blue Christmas
5. Film noir
6. Shishun no Mori
7. FORGIVE ME *new song
8. Maybe Not Love *new song
9. Tokyo, Gozen Yoji *new song

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