exist†trace 1st Fan Club Q&A – Pt.1

Archangel Diamond members were given the exclusive chance to send in questions to exist†trace and have them answered on video by the band members.

Submissions came in from members all over the world, and exist†trace members Jyou, miko, Mally, Omi, and Naoto chose their favorite questions for the video. They had so much fun that the video stretched to over 20 minutes and had to be split into 2 parts!

Please enjoy part 1… and look forward to part 2 coming soon!

Archangel Diamond
Official exist†trace International Fan Club

exist†trace Fan Club Q&A – Part 1:
Yaroslav in Russia
Chris in Canada
Fernando in America
Derek in America
Emerson in Singapore

exist†trace Fan Club Q&A – Part 2:
Dalia in America
Rowena in South Africa
Luthien in Poland
Marine in France
Erin in America

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