Japanese medical drama Code Blue 2nd Season starts this week on UTB Hollywood

“Helicopter-doctor” medical drama stars Tomohisa Yamashita and Erika Toda
Music by Mr. Children

October 8, 2013 – After last week’s exciting conclusion of Code Blue, UTB Hollywood 18.2 begins on-air broadcast this week of Code Blue 2nd Season every Wednesday, starting October 9th.

In the season’s premiere episode, young doctors-in-training Aizawa (Tomohisa Yamashita), Shiraishi (Yui Aragaki), Hiyama (Erika Toda), Fujikawa (Yosuke Asari) continue their journey toward completion of the specialized “helicopter doctor” program. On Christmas Eve, just three months away from completion, they meet Tachibana (Kippei Shiina) from the main hospital, who holds their future in his hands. He will decide if they pass the program or start over for re-training. Hiyama is still troubled by her heart problems, but refuses to stop her training for treatment. Aizawa takes the lead in a helicopter rescue involving a motorcycle accident and rushes to save a drowned child from the freeing river at the scene.

With thrilling rescues and heart-breaking personal struggles, Code Blue 2nd Season is the winner of the Japan Television Academy Award for Best Drama.

UTB Hollywood airs Code Blue 2nd Season for free in the SoCal area with English subtitles, joining UTB’s current prime-time lineup of Lucky Seven (starring Jun Matsumoto), After-Dinner Mysteries (starring Sho Sakurai and Keiko Kitagawa), Aibou (starring Yutaka Mizutani and Hiroki Narimiya), and Yae no Sakura (starring Haruka Ayase).

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