Ex-ketchup mania punk band KiLLKiLLS complete first Japan tour

June 9, 2010 –
Immediately following the release of their debut CD, “Allium,” hot new punk band KiLLKILLS have completed their first 12-city tour of Japan.

Formed by ex-ketchup mania members DAI and WANI, the four-member band is the flagship of DAI’s new independent label Splatter Records, which is now handling the releases of two other up-and-coming punk/rock artists CANTOY and Motor Mustang.

As members of ketchup mania, DAI and WANI toured the USA as part of the Japan Nite tour, and appeared at SXSW, A-Kon, and Sakura-Con.


KiLLKiLLS – “Paradise”


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