USA CD release of Onmyo-za’s “Kongo Kyuubi”

February 25, 2010 –

JapanFiles will release the latest CD by Japanese hard rock / metal legends Onmyo-za titled “Kongo Kyuubi” on March 15, 2010.

The USA CD release will include the complete 28-page Japanese booklet with photos and lyrics. Pre-orders are available at the JapanFiles CD store.

“Kongo Kyuubi” will also be available to fans worldwide from Hot Topic,, and

The CD includes the previously released singles “Soukoku,” Doukoku,” and “Aoki Dokugan” plus the three-part mythology-based “Kumikyoku Kyuubi” suite (called a “masterpiece” by Keeping with the album’s mythology theme, the jacket art features lead vocalist Kuroneko portraying the evil, nine-tailed fox spirit Tamamo-no-mae.



Matatabi (bass, vocals)

Kuroneko (vocals)

Karukan (guitar)

Maneki (guitar & chorus)

With over 10 years of history in the Japanese rock music scene, Onmyo-za’s releases have consistently placed in Oricon’s Top 20. Their 2001 Osaka live show announcing their major-label debut sold out instantly at pre-sale, and the band’s strong Japanese fan base has supported them with sold out shows across Japan, including completely sold-out Japanese tours in 2007 and 2008.

Known to metal fans worldwide for their powerful guitar & bass work, Onmyo-za’s hit song, “Koga Ninpocho,” was written for the Studio Gonzo TV anime series “Basilisk” (released in the USA by FUNimation).

Other Onmyo-za television / game credits include:

-“Soukoku” is the opening theme of Nintendo DS game “Inugamike No Ichizoku”

-“Doukoku” is the ending theme of Nintendo DS game “Inugamike No Ichizoku”

-“Aoki Dokugan” is the main theme song for the pachinko game “CR Sengoku Ranbu -Aoki Dokugan-”

-“Kureha” is the ending theme of TV show “Nippon Jyuudan Okazu Hakken! Route 88”

-“Kokui No Tennyo” is the ending theme of TV show “Adorena! Garage”

-“Kumikyoku ‘Yoshitsune’ -Akki Hougan” is the ending theme of TV show “Kanbai Gekijyou”

-“Tsuki Ni Murakumo Hana Ni Kaze” is the February (2003) ending theme of TV show “P.S. – Pop Shake”

-“Tsuki Ni Murakumo Hana Ni Kaze” is the ending theme of TV show “Katsura Geinousha Pon!”

-“Youka Ninpouchou” & “Houyoku Tenshou” are the ending themes of TV show “World Pro-wrestling”

-“Mezame” is the October (2003) ending theme of TV show “Bakusyou Mondai No Susume”


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