“Yatterman” theme performers FUDANJUKU & alter-egos Nakano Fujoshi Sisters now available on JapanFiles

January 22, 2010 –

JapanFiles Digital Music Store releases music by otaku idols FUDANJUKU & Nakano Fujoshi Sisters this week.

Based in the “otaku paradise” of Nakano (a nearby rival of Akihabara), the energetic “boy” band FUDANJUKU began performing for small audiences at the famous Nakano Broadway, soon gaining crowds of over 1,000 fans for their outdoor shows. Each member has their own otaku obsessions, including anime, manga, cooking, wrestling, and fashion. Produced by Jazzy Hanawa, FUDANJUKU performed the end theme for the anime “Yatterman” and reached the Oricon Top 10 with their single “Katsunda!”

Their equally-colorful female alter-egos Nakano Fujoshi Sisters released their new single this week, “Honey Bee.”


FUDANJUKU – “Katsunda!” —

Nakano Fujoshi Sisters – “Honey Bee” —

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