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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 29, 2016 – Japanese rock band BAND-MAID continue to spread their powerful combination of Akihabara-maid-cuteness and hard-rock-sound across the world with their announcement of their Latin American debut in Mexico later this year. BAND-MAID will perform at Mexico CDMX SALA ( in Mexico City on October 9th with an opportunity for […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2016 — BAND-MAID rocked an audience of over 2500 music fans at Sakura-Con in Seattle last Easter weekend. The long-running Japanese culture event hosted the band’s debut American performance at the Washington State Convention Center, where the all-girl rock group signed autographs for a solid 2 hours after the concert, […]

“At first, we were more like a pop-rock music group,” said Kobato. “But when we recorded the song ‘Thrill’ from our first album, which is more like hard rock, we felt that this style would go best with us. We found a way to be unique.” Link:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 20, 2016 — Japanese girls rock group BAND-MAID released a special video today in preparation for their American performance debut at Sakura-Con next month. Fans of Akihabara’s maid-cafe culture will enjoy guitarist Miku’s authentic and fun phrasing as the BAND-MAID members welcome their “master and ladies” to their first “service” in […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 15, 2016 — Japanese all-girl rock band BAND-MAID released their new music video “alone” on Valentine’s Day, and the video has racked up over 10,000 views on YouTube in its first day of release. Featuring a blistering guitar solo from guitarist Kanami and lyrics about a stinging romantic breakup, the new […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 10, 2016 — BAND-MAID will appear on the international Japanese music television program J-Melo as one of the finalists in J-Melo‘s Breakthrough Artist Showcase. The all-girl rock band placed second in the recent viewer poll, and they’ll sit down for an interview with host May-J when the program airs in mid-March, […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 1, 2016 – Red-hot Japanese girls rock band BAND-MAID will make their American live performance debut at Seattle’s Sakura-Con in March 2016. The five-member group has made waves over the past few months for their cute, authentic maid outfits combined with their impressive musical skills. BAND-MAID’s music videos “Thrill” and “Real […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 20, 2016 – Fans of all-girl Japanese rock group BAND-MAID showered drummer Akane with piles of drumsticks last month, delivered from several countries around the world in support of her recent injury which stopped her from touring to support the band’s latest CD, New Beginning. After 2 months of reduced activities, […]

“Reminiscent of Wolfmother’s debut CD, this is a band that’s found its sweet spot and is super-clear about what they’re about.” “Vocalist Saiki is killing it on “Arcadia Girl”, probably her most confident song yet.” JRock247: “New Beginning is a fantastic mini-album that deserves wide acclamation.” “A solid rhythm section, effortless guitar riffing/soloing, and […]

__________PROFILE__________ Guitar & Vocals: Miku Vocals: Saiki Guitar: Kanami Drums: Akane Bass: Misa BAND-MAID is an all-girl Japanese rock group from Tokyo formed in 2013. Their authentic maid cafe costumes, based on founding member Miku’s experiences in Akihabara’s maid cafes, contrast the typically pretty and cute image of young girls with the band’s aggressive hard […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 27, 2016 — Japanese all-female rock band exist†trace has announced the title and release date of their new album Royal Straight Magic, due for release November 16. The six-song EP will be the follow-up to exist†trace’s March release This Is Now. Guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter miko explains the title represents the […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 13, 2016 — All-female Japanese rock band exist†trace has revealed the jacket image and track list for their upcoming mini-album THIS IS NOW, due for release on March 16. The 6-song release contains two tracks, “Twin Wings” and “Shout Out”, which were previously available only at exist†trace live shows in Japan […]